Summer, sun and (new) music

Corona does not (currently) slow down the publishing houses. New releases have been planned for a long time, so it seems at the moment that there is no pandemic. The fact is, however, that this year many of the planned concerts will be cancelled or at least can only take place with restrictions. This will certainly have an impact on the purchase of sheet music, because already bought pieces might be performed later than this year. Nevertheless: there are some interesting, entertaining, exciting and danceable things to see….

Baton, Holland: exquisite arrangements of works by famous composers such as Tchaikovsky, Mahler, Verdi and others are included in the new releases.

Obrasso, Switzerland: here too there are numerous arrangements for brass and harmony orchestra from easy to medium.

Edition “Deine Blasmusik”, Germany: Polkas and entertainment music at its best has been published by the German publisher.

Golden River Music, Belgium: Music for wind ensembles is new at this publishing house.

Tyrol Musikverlag, Austria: You are always in a good mood with music from this Austrian publisher, although you can also find more serious music.

Gerhard Hafner Musikverlag, Austria: the editions of this publishing house also come from Austria, this time from the province of Salzburg, namely from Werfen. From vocals to wind orchestra, everything there….

Steer Musikverlag, Germany: here you can get something for alphorns and for wind orchestra.

Hal Leonard, USA: from vocal music, various solo instruments, to ensembles and of course wind orchestras. With this internationally active publisher you can really find everything.

Marc Reift, Switzerland: Jazz, pop, film music – these are some of the attributes of this publishing house.

OrchestralArt Verlag, Austria: Michael Geisler, well-known composer from Tux in the Zillertal, Tyrol, is presented by several international publishers. His latest work has now been published by the Verlag des Walter Weinzierl in Linz.

Greenblatt & Seay, USA: The publisher specializes in string music. Here the novelties.

HH Musikverlag, Germany: This time the transverse flute and recorder will be played by the composer Mathias von Brenndorff.

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