The music commission in times of the corona crisis

Several months ago we reported on the organisation of a decentralised music commission. In times of the Corona crisis, keeping a distance is the top priority. Nevertheless, orchestras and choirs have to prepare and plan a concert long in advance. This is where your sheet music database can help you to cooperate with colleagues. The prerequisite is an account at We would like to present this report again at this point.

A music commission, as it is common in many music associations and choirs, does not have to sit at a round table. It can also work decentrally with This is how it works: several members of the music commission log in with the same account. This does not have to be simultaneous. Everyone can select their pieces from the database at any time and from their office or living room.

Those works found that you wish to propose to the Commission are added to the basket. This basket is filled with more and more works, depending on what the individual members find.

Example of a shopping basket filled by the Commission

Each member of the commission can be ordered via the article number in the shopping cart:

change to the relevant data sheet of the piece:

Now you can use the link “Add to request concert in web radio” to store the title in the web radio:

and listen. This list can now be played in your mp3 player installed on your computer via the “Play Playlist” link, where it can be listened to as a complete recording, skipped, repeated, etc.

To prevent the playlist from being changed continuously by other database members, you can save the list by right-clicking on the “play” link and saving the m3u list e.g. in the folder, e.g. in the “download” folder. This m3u-list can be opened with a desired mp3-player by right-clicking again. By opening the saved m3u data, you can access the list at any time, even if the real web radio already shows a completely different playlist.

The list in the shopping cart can be edited individually at any time. By setting the value to “0” in the “Quantity” field and then pressing the “Update” button, the item is removed from the shopping cart. If you want to place an order, select a dealer for those plants in the field “Delivery partner”. Only those goods will be ordered where a dealer appears, the other articles will remain in the shopping cart and thus remain available for commission.

If you have any questions, I am at your disposal. Please send an e-mail to

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