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In the age of WhatsApp, Instagram and text messages via mobile phone, more or less understandable abbreviations and symbols have generally crept into the language. Also on abbreviations are used, which are not only for quick information, but also allow automatic translation into other languages of the database. However, these abbreviations also make it possible to search the database for specific information.

In order to be able to orientate oneself, all short words have been collected in the database “Abbreviations/Dictionary”. Take the trumpet as an example: enter the word “trumpet” in the line “Full text search” and you will get all the short words concerning this instrument, see:

Figure: Partial excerpt of the results list with the keyword “trumpet”

For example, if you click on the link 2Trp you will get to the detail sheet where you can see how it is displayed in other languages. By clicking on the given links, e.g. “Works with ‘2Trp’ in instrumentation”, all corresponding works in which 2 trumpets are used are listed.

Detail sheet for the abbreviation “2Trp”
excerpt from a detailed sheet of a composite with cast list

For many wind music works, the instrumentation for the selected work is also displayed. So you can see immediately how your orchestra should be cast. Or you can also use the links provided to go to the detailed information of the instrument and from there go straight back to works containing this instrument.

Even if you find an unusual designation in a score, you can still use this database (if you cannot find an explanation, please contact us).

If you spend a little time studying this short word collection, you will find a lot of additional information that will help you put together programs.

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