Rare moments of silence and relaxation

Guitar and double bass bring relaxed moments with arrangements of popular music.

Jukebox Dreaming – Tim Sparks (Git); James Buckley (KB)

There are these far too rare moments in which one comes to rest, pauses, looks back, remembers, remembers the past, what was and what has accompanied one throughout one’s life.

With his new album “Jukebox Dreamin‘”, steel string icon Tim Sparks creates exactly such a moment. Together with his congenial partner James Buckley on double bass, he lets us participate in a wonderful musical journey into the past. Or – as he says himself – take part in this road trip through an American landscape with lonely hearts and dusty jukeboxes, carrying the songs of Paul Simon, Al Green, Grateful Dead or John Lennon.

A CD not only, but especially for long car journeys. And don’t forget to put your backrest back a bit, because this album is wonderfully “laid back”.

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