The magic of “Nightglow”: an exploration of atmospheric sounds

In the starry night, a fascinating spectacle unfolds in the sky: the nightglow. Stars, comets and galaxies create a warm glow in the darkness of space. It is a magical sight that touches the soul and fills the heart with wonder. Under this sparkling firmament, you feel small and yet connected to the infinite expanse of the universe. It is a moment of peace and admiration that makes you forget the worries of everyday life and lifts your spirits.

The young British composer Ben Hollings found his inspiration for “Nightglow” during a night out in the open. The work is inspired by a night sky scene in which the scattered stars, comets, galaxies and other astronomical elements create a warm “nocturnal glow” in the darkness of space. A wonderful slow work for any band!

In addition to this impressive work, the Belgian publisher BVT has recently published other new works that expand the repertoire for wind orchestras, fanfare orchestras and brass bands:

  • “A Festival Choral” by Nick van Elsen: This rousing composition transports the listener into the world of a festive chorale characterized by jubilant melodies and lively rhythms. Van Elsen creates an atmosphere full of energy and celebration that captivates the audience.
  • “Afterlife” by Stijn Aertgeerts: In this fascinating piece, Aertgeerts explores the themes of life and death in a musical journey through eternity. The composition is characterized by introspective melodies, dramatic harmonies and pulsating rhythms that take the listener on an emotional rollercoaster ride.
  • “Living it up” by Bert Kaempfert, arranged by Frank Boonen: This rousing arrangement brings the unmistakable sound of Bert Kaempfert’s classic to the world of brass music. Boonen captures the lively atmosphere of the original and gives it a new dimension with sonic effects and orchestral colors.
  • “Penlee” for fanfare orchestra by Simon Dobson: This poignant composition is a tribute to the tragic accident of the Penlee lifeboat “Solomon Browne” in 1981. Dobson captures the heroic mood of the rescue operation and the deep sadness at the loss of the courageous sea rescuers.
  • “The Spartan Warriors” by Pimpanit Karoonyavanich: This epic composition transports the listener into the world of ancient Greece and brings the brave Spartans to life. Karoonyavanich creates a sonic journey full of drama, adventure and heroic deeds that captivates the audience.

These new releases from BVT offer a varied selection of impressive compositions that enrich the repertoire for wind music. With their creative variety, emotional depth and musical sophistication, they are a welcome change for any ensemble looking for new challenges and inspiring works.

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