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Molenaar from A to W or 1 to 6

Dutch publisher Molenaar has published an exciting and eclectic collection of 53 new musical works in 2023, presented under the title“Molenaar from A to W or 1 to 6“. These new releases offer a wide range of pieces for wind orchestra and ensembles of varying levels of difficulty, compiled by well-known composers from all over the world.

The collection begins with the piece“A Cool Six” by Mark Hendrix, which forms a dynamic and rousing prelude. Further works follow in alphabetical order up to the piece“West of the Mississippi” by Dean Jones, which concludes the collection and impresses with its tonal variety and emotional depth.

The works are divided into levels of difficulty from 1 to 6, with“First Steps on Stage” by Peter Goosensen as an easily accessible piece for beginners. The levels of difficulty gradually increase up to“Chasing Light” by Harrie Janssen, which represents a greater technical challenge and offers advanced ensembles the opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

The collection offers a remarkable variety of musical styles and genres, including symphonic works, marches, concert pieces, but also contemporary compositions and arrangements of well-known melodies. This diversity enables bands and ensembles to create varied programs and expand their repertoire.

An outstanding feature of these new releases is the fact that they come from a large number of renowned composers from all over the world. This underlines the international orientation of the Molenaar publishing house and its commitment to promoting musical diversity and creative exchange.

All in all,“Molenaar from A to W or 1 to 6” offers an impressive selection of musical works for wind orchestras and ensembles of all levels. With its diversity, quality and commitment to music education, the Molenaar publishing house will continue to set new standards in the publishing landscape in 2023 and help to promote the joy of music worldwide.

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