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A simple Wish – longings and hopes of the human heart

“A Simple Wish” is an expression that evokes a variety of meanings and associations, including hope, longing and the search for inner peace. These meanings are artfully captured and expressed through the music in Alan Fernie’s composition of the same name for brass band and solo cornet. This report explores the connection between the term “A Simple Wish” and the composition by Alan Fernie.

“A Simple Wish” stands for a simple wish or a modest hope that is often characterized by deep longings and basic human needs. It can be the desire for love, happiness, peace or fulfillment, which is universal and timeless at its core. The expression reminds us that the simplest and most uncomplicated wishes are often the most important and significant in life.

Alan Fernie, a renowned composer and arranger for brass bands, has created a moving and sensitive work with this composition. The composition is arranged for brass band and solo cornet and masterfully captures the emotional nuances and facets of the theme. Through gentle melodies, harmonious structures and dynamic developments, the music creates an atmosphere of hope, comfort and inner peace. The work evokes a strong emotional response from the audience. The gentle and melodic passages of the piece convey a feeling of tenderness and compassion, while the more powerful sections create an atmosphere of hope and optimism. The music invites listeners to embark on an inner journey of self-reflection and well-being, and to connect with basic human desires and needs.

“A Simple Wish” offers the musicians an opportunity for artistic interpretation and the expression of their individual feelings and emotions. Through the nuances of expression, dynamics and phrasing, the musicians are able to capture the subtle nuances of the theme and create a touching and inspiring performance that deeply moves the listener.

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