Symphonic Dimensions Publishing – The Publishing House of Otto M. Schwarz

Symphonic Dimensions Publishing is a music publishing company specializing in the publication of works by Austrian composer Otto M. Schwarz. The publishing house was founded by Schwarz himself and is based in Austria.

Otto M. Schwarz is an internationally known composer, conductor and music educator. He has written numerous works for orchestra, wind band, and chamber ensembles and is known for his unique and distinctive style that combines both traditional and modern elements.

Symphonic Dimensions Publishing has a wide range of works by Otto M. Schwarz on offer, including concertos, overtures, marches, film music and music for wind orchestra. The publisher also offers a variety of arrangements and arrangements of drama music and musicals.

It is the publisher’s ambition to provide a platform for composers and musicians to share their music with the world. The focus is on the release of music that is characterized by high quality, originality and creativity. Symphonic Dimensions Publishing aims to make the music of Otto M. Schwarz and other talented composers available to a wider audience and to continually expand the repertoire for wind band and orchestra.

You can find the catalog with novelties of the publishing house here.

All wind orchestra works by Otto M. Schwarz

Works for other orchestral forms

Works for ensembles

Works for soloists

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