Dutch conductor Henrie Adams died.

The conductor Henrie Adams has died at the age of 63. This is reported by the internet portal 1limburg.nl. Adams had been ill for some time, yet his death comes as a surprise to many music lovers.

Henrie Adams studied oboe and conducting with Antón Kersjes, Lukas Vis and Pierre Kuijpers at the Maastricht Conservatory. He completed master classes with Pierre Devaux and Enrique Garcia Asensio, among others. In 1969 he became a member of the St. Michael Harmony Orchestra in Thorn and studied orchestral conducting at the Maastricht Conservatory. He then conducted various orchestras in Limburg and beyond. In 1989 he was hired as principal conductor of the Banda Sinfónica de la Sociedad Musical “La Artística” in the Spanish city of Buñol near Valencia. He was a conductor there for almost 30 years.

His last appearance as conductor was in May 2022 at the joint concert of the two Thorn harmonies in the Adams Factory Hall in Ittervoort.

As a conductor he had released numerous CD productions,the list can be found here.

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