Revenge of the Black Corsair

The waters of the Caribbean are dark, the fog is thick. In the darkness of the night, only the rustling of the wind between the sails and the crackling of the wood can be heard. The bow of a ship cuts majestically through the waves: It is the Thunder, commanded by the Black Corsair!

Thus begin the adventures of the noble buccaneer who swears revenge on the Flemish Duke Wan Guld for the deaths of the two brothers, the Red and the Green Corsairs. He, the duke, had betrayed them. Among a thousand adventures, the protagonist of Emilio Salgari’s famous novel will prove his worth and skill until his crew captures the beautiful Honorata. Behind this false name hides the daughter of the Flemish duke. The Black Corsair falls in love with her, but his honour will prevail and he will keep his vow of revenge: He will abandon the beloved woman to the waves of the sea. And it is only at this moment, in the last lines of the story, that the black corsair shows his first and only moment of weakness … “Behold!” whispers Morgan, his trusted helmsman, “the black corsair weeps …”.

This cycle of novels, which appeared with the first book “The Black Corsair” in 1898, comprised 5 novels. The last one was published in 1908 and all the books were very successful at the time. The novel has been filmed three times. Giovanni Piacente used this story as a basis for his composition Il Corsare Nero, published by Scomegna for medium performance level. Romance and suspense in a single composition….

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