When Four English Gentlemen Meet….

Picture: pixabay.com

There’s Mr Bailey. He is somewhat vain, if not snobbish. In his fine loden he moves in the circles of aristocratic society. And here is Mr. Dunningham. He has his butterfly net under his arm, stares more at the sky than at the ground, just a dreamer. Mr. Peabody is sitting in the pub with his round belly, ordering his third Guinness before the closing time is called at midnight. Now the fourth in the bunch joins the round: Mr. Jones, the jolly one, whistling and in a good mood, he has finished his working day.

Would you like to meet these four English gentlemen? The Swiss composer Beat Weber has musically described these four men in his composition “Four English Gentlemen” and cast them with four trumpets. Of course, the four musicians should also correspond visually to the respective gentleman character, so that a distinguished “English atmosphere” can arise in the concert. This little work was published by Obrasso, where there are also several other works for trumpet ensemble. So: have fun…..

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