Alfred and the offerings of Nadab and Abihu

Something is not right … a growing sense of danger is in the air. Dark colours, minor chords, changing tonalities and eerie melodic lines warn us of the consequences of playing with fire.

Nadab and Abihu were the first two sons of Aaron, the Levite, from his marriage to Elisheba, the daughter of Amminadab of the tribe of Judah. They had four sons in all, the two younger sons being named Eleazar and Ithamar. During the Exodus journey, after the Israelites had reaffirmed their covenant with God, Abihu and Nadab accompanied Moses, Aaron and 70 elders to Mount Sinai. There they saw God with great clarity, walked on a pavement of sapphire stone and shared a meal in God’s presence without coming to harm.

Aaron and his four sons were the first priests appointed when the priestly system was established by God. The Levites as a tribe were later ordained for priestly service after answering a call to side with the Lord after idolatry around the golden calf. After the death of Nadab and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar took their place as priests, as neither Nadab nor Abihu had any sons.

These stories and more can be found in the New editions 2021 from the American publisher Alfred Publishing Company. All levels from very easy to difficult have been included. Programme notes, scores, radio tracks, videos and sound samples are available.

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