Thanksgiving in autumn: a festival for musicians!

From the office window you can see how the foehn storm whirls up the leaves. It seems as if they are fleeing the trees. Autumn does not only bring a storm, thanksgiving is also celebrated. Thanksgiving for musicians are the new releases of autumn, blown in by publishers from all over the world.


Autumn is a season that is beautiful and colourful to look at and yet has a certain sadness. This mixture of joie de vivre, which is the result of harvest thanksgiving and its festivities, is paired with the knowledge of the coming dark time. The dancing leaves in the autumn storm express this feeling perfectly: released into the supposed freedom, they happily dance towards the end. Numerous composers have devoted themselves to the theme of autumn (about 700 works are dedicated to the theme, see), especially the autumn leaves.

The following list is intended to inform you, as an informed musician, what the composers have come up with again. You will find everything that has been added to your sheet music database. So not only new releases, but also works that we found interesting. If there is something for you, you can find out for yourself.

Thanksgiving Autumn 2019 for wind orchestra

Thanksgiving Autumn 2019 for Bigband

Thanksgiving Autumn 2019 for Orchestra/Chamber Music

Thanksgiving autumn 2019 for ensembles

Thanksgiving Autumn 2019 for choir

Thanksgiving Autumn 2019 for Soloists and Learners

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