Building bridges across borders – Rasteder Musiktage 2020

Foto: Marc Steinlein .

“Bridges build over borders” is the motto under which the initiators of the Rasteder Music Days organise an annual superlative music event. The “Rasteder Musiktage” will take place in 2020 from 3 to 7 July, together with the “European Open Championships”, which in turn will qualify for the World Championship of the WAMSB (World Association of Marching Show Band).

Three days of great program, with disco, concert, scoring games, a huge fireworks display and various attractions on the fairground not only inspire the musicians, also the spectators like to come back to the residence Rastede (Germany).

The annual music festival, which takes place in July, has a long tradition and is not only known far beyond the borders of the country for its reason. More than 3000 musicians from all over the world meet every year in Rastede to compete. In recent years, guests from Thailand and Australia have also been welcomed.

Expectations for 2020 are also high again. Through cooperation with various music associations, Rastede is becoming a venue for top corps.

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