When a poor music teacher fell in love with a beautiful poetess….

…it was a scandal at the beginning of the 20th century. Especially where the admirer was eight years younger. Later the poor music teacher became a famous composer. At her wedding he gave her a love song that is still loved today.

Change of scenery: we are in a time when Rome was not yet built. Thousands of ships on both sides of the enemy set off for one of the greatest naval battles of antiquity. And although the attackers were superior in the number of ships, the more agile fleet of defenders won, which after the battle grew into the largest empire of that time.

Franziska and Anton were twins. But Franziska died shortly after birth. In memory of her, her mother commissioned a composition. When she first heard the music, she felt as if she had Franziska in her arms.

In the north of Europe ships set off and spread fear and terror along the coasts. They were young men on a raid, but later retreated peacefully to their homeland. But there were others as well: for them the raid was their purpose in life. They were considered criminals in their homeland and so they moved their lives from one place to another.

For 60 years they were happily married, then she died. He processed the enormous loss of this love in a work as a resonant memory of past beautiful times.

Ruinenfeld Homs, Bild: dpa

You can see it in Syria or Yemen: Images of death, destruction, devastation, suffering. Emotions of anger, fear, alienation, destruction – war brings all this. Peace is the only solution to prevent self-destruction in all countries of the world where war is currently making its rich prey.

Love and war are thus close together in this report, almost as if they were the two sides of the same coin. But they are two coins: love and hate, war and peace. But one thing unites them both: death.

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