A treasure of gold for harmony music found!

Austrian National Library hoards largest collection of harmony music

In search of unknown, high-quality music for harmony music, Heinz Prammer found an extensive collection for this genre from the collection of the “Fürstlich Liechtensteinischen Kapelle” in the Austrian National Library. It quickly became clear to him the dimension that this hitherto unearthed treasure contained. In an effort to edit this also under financially feasible conditions, Mag. Prammer turned to the ruling Prince of Liechtenstein, Hans-Adam II. and his promise to support this project gave him the opportunity to tackle this huge project and to complete it in the foreseeable future.

This collection has now been published in 30 volumes or as a complete edition in print by European Cultural Services in Vienna. In addition to enriching the already very narrow range of harmoniemusic editions, the publisher and its editor want to present a collection that provides a deep insight not only into the repertoire of the harmoniemusic ensembles of that time, but also into the entire music production of that time – especially opera and ballet music.

The main motivation for this edition was the creation and provision of optimal performance materials – without putting the scientific aspect in the background. The publisher hopes that as much of this interesting music as possible will be heard in its original form after more than 200 years.

Fürstlich Liechtensteinisches Harmoniemusik-Archiv (Gesamtausgabe)

Instrumentation: 2 oboes, 2 Bb clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns, contrabassoon, trumpet in Bb.

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