50 years moon landing

The man in the moon – 50 years moon landing

50 years moon landing
Source: obs/National Geographic

God in human form admonished a wooden bearer to honour Sunday. He fends off and means “Sunday or moon day doesn’t matter to him”. God curses him to stand eternally as a man in the moon. There are many such and similar stories about the “man in the moon”. The moon itself stands for many people as a mystery and mysterious powers allegedly emanate from it.

50 years ago the first humans visited the “man in the moon” – but did not find him. Perhaps he had hidden on the back of the moon? In the meantime we know: he doesn’t exist! Nevertheless, it was an enormous technical masterstroke not only to bring people to the moon, but also to bring them back safely.

In many radio and television channels there are flashbacks to this unique event. If you are planning a concert in honour of the “Man in the Moon”, with the day “Sun Moon and Stars” you will find numerous works on this topic:

Sun, moon and stars

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