Is the future in the past?

When I was a teenager, in the 1960s, the future lay ahead: student revolts demanded a better distribution between young and old and between the genders. The moon landing promised a brilliant technical development. Rock and pop music broke the shackles of tradition. Demonstrations for peace spanned the world. The hippies lived free love and wanted to replace weapons with flowers. It was a tremendous time of upheaval, carried by the “WE”. Today the common WE has been replaced by the word “I”. Is the future in the past?

Today many look back with melancholy on the future: 50 years moon landing, 80 years beginning of the Second World War, 30 years fall of the iron curtain. These and some other memorable days are commemorated this year. In your database you will find corresponding tags for all these topics, if you want to align your concert to these events. See our corresponding reports in this newsletter.

Your Helmut Schwaiger

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