Advertising is annoying….

Advertising is annoying….

…but isn’t this letter also advertising? No, this is information from your “Society for Music Information” as operator of the sheet music database And this letter is to inform you that with over 10,700 Concertband works many data were supplemented, namely:

  • Parts-List added
  • Videos added (because the YouTube advertising is annoying sometimes)
  • external links to original recordings (mainly pop music, arias from operas, arranged works – to allow a comparison to the originals. YouTube commercials are almost always annoying.)
  • external links to images (e.g. film posters, landscape views of works relating to these areas, etc.)
  • legal external download links to publishers offering such links
  • Thousands of supplementary text information with corresponding links to sources (see e.g. “1001 Nights“)
  • Text/Chords links for popular music (the chords do not have to be the same as the arrangements, they are only for information if you want to include singers in the arrangement). The chords must be transposed accordingly).
  • Radiotracks with complete recordings – without advertising – create your own radio program in the “Request Concert”-Radio
  • Tags sort you in addition to our subcategories, thematic result lists (see separate report “Good Tags”)

You wouldn’t have known all this if this letter hadn’t informed you. And whether you use this information for orders and where you order the sheet music is actually irrelevant to us. The association offers you the possibility of a collective order via one of our partners, whom you can choose yourself. This is a service for our full members or database users.

Your team from the “Society for Music Information”, Helmut Schwaiger, wishes you a pleasant summer.

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