“Good Tags” – Episode Three

Tags make it easier for you to search for program topics that go beyond the normal search in subcategories (film music, overtures, waltzes, etc.). Since our last newsletter, members have suggested numerous subject areas that have since been added to a “tags list”. This is now provisionally available and it is planned to include this list in the sheet music database.

Below is this list of suggestions, which you can test extensively using the links. New tags are highlighted in italics. At the same time we ask you to inform us about further program topics.

Adventures; Pirates and Bad guys
Ancient Cultures
Mountains and valleys
Elements; Earth Fire Water Air
Emigrations and waves of refugees
Continents and parts of the world
First World War
Food and drink
European Song Contest
fauna, animal world
Flora, plant world
Rivers and lakes
Foreign countries and places of interest
Peace and Freedom
Buildings and Architecture
Feelings and emotions
Secrets of the Seas
Spirits, fairies and spooky creatures
Gods, Godheads and Saints
hunters and poachers
Seasons and times of day
James Bond 007
Emperors, kings and monarchs
Wars and battles
Art and Culture
Countries and cities
Fairy tales, legends, stories
Music for competitions
Mysticism of the Nordic countries
Mysticism of the Far East
Nature and beauties of the world
Orient and Eastern World
Seafaring and ships
Sun, moon and stars
Sports and Athletes
Dances and songs
Technology and Inventions
Accidents and tragedies
Space and Universe
world wars
Weather capers and environmental destruction
Wild West, Indians and Cowboys
Wind and waves
Time units and duration
Contemporary History and Historical Events
Circus Artists Joungleurs Clowns
Zoo and wild animals
Second World War

Of course, we are also grateful for news and tips about works that can be assigned to a certain topic group.

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