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So, is the team of www.musicainfo.net on the lazy skin? Do they indulge in idleness? What’s the matter, I can’t find last week’s new release in the sheet music database! Someone might think this, if new releases are not immediately found in your music information database.

The motto of our association, which you joined with the transfer of your membership fee, is: “not the quantity, but the quality of the information should be available to the members“. So if new works are reported by the publishers, there are two ways of publication for the producer: either the publisher is registered with the association as a publishing member, then the latter can enter the data in musicainfo.net itself. These are checked daily, corrected and linked with additional information. This is the fast way. (Publishers’ membership is free for publishers, approx. 70 publishers use this service.)

On the other hand, the reports are sent by e-mail or post and must be entered manually by the employees of the association. This flood of information, which you may be aware of yourself, must then be dealt with. The incoming information is sorted according to priority and date of receipt. Then these are gradually incorporated and linked with additional orientations, which are researched by us. Of course this is time-consuming.

The following message will convince you of the numerous activities of the association: we determine daily extensive in order to increase the variety of the information to the data sets. In recent months we have linked reviews and background information on the compositions of more than 6.700 wind music works.

For level 6 compositions: approx. 50 reviews

for works of level 5: approx. 250 descriptions

for level 4 tone seals: approx. 910 Information

to music works of level 3: approx. 2810 backgrounds

to music pieces of level 2: ca. 1580 Werkinfos

to light works of level 1: ca. 510 details

In the category of string and symphony orchestras, around 200 additional information items were also linked.

almost as many in the category choral music

So you see: we work for you as much as we can, but it takes some time. We ask for your understanding. And: if you are looking for something urgently and cannot find it, just send us an e-mail and we will do our research for you immediately. As a member, this service is always available to you free of charge!

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