“Fake News” in the sheet music database?

“Fake news” is fake news. Messages that want to influence, messages that push the recipient in a certain direction. In former times this was called “propaganda”. Propaganda was made by the communists about capitalism and vice versa. People should be convinced of their own ideology and the opponent should be destabilized. “Propaganda” in my youth was also called the advertising of products that should encourage people to buy. Today the word “propaganda” is no longer used and has a dusty, negative aftertaste. Only in the word “word of mouth” it is still used and has also a positive evaluation. Word of mouth is important and is transmitted from person to person. Therefore, it is authentic and credible. With these short words I would like to point out: do “word of mouth” for our database with your colleagues. Talk to them about the advantages musicainfo.net offers. Recommend us.

Your team from the Verein für Musikinformation, Helmut Schwaiger

PS: and “Fake News” is not available in www.musicainfo.net of course! But you know that…..

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