Baton – The foundation of a sophisticated concert

Jos van de Braak, one of the co-founders of Baton Music

Baton Music was founded in 1996 by Jos van de Braak and Paul Gofers and has since developed into a publishing house specialising in classical music arrangements for wind orchestras. Baton Music’s arrangements are now played all over the world and have earned themselves a unique position.

Baton Music specializes in arrangements of arias, duets and choirs from operas, operettas and zarzuela’s. Also the light classical repertoire, like overtures by Rossini and Suppé as well as works by Khachaturian and Gershwin, is generously represented. Including almost 100 arrangements by the Strauss family.

For orchestras seeking a real challenge, there is a wide range of transcriptions from the great symphonic repertoire.

If you’re looking for a highlight for a concert, you can’t get by without an edition of Baton Music. Here we have compiled the novelties from 2019: Click here

You can order your sheet music directly from the publisher, via your music dealer or via our database from one of our partners.

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