Music under the rainbow

A waltz with a sad background

Unter dem Regenbogen (Under the Rainbow). Waltz by Tobias Krehlik
Unter dem Regenbogen, Walzer von Tobias Krehlik

Can you compose a polka for a sad occasion? Yes, you can: if you are a musician colleague whose love was bohemian music. Just on the day he died, a large rainbow stood over his house. Tobias Krehlik of the S.o.B. band wrote the waltz “Under the Rainbow” for the deceased. To do justice to the occasion, the first part of the waltz is in minor. This titel was published by Ewoton.

But there are also happy things to report from the publishing house Ewoton. Some new releases from April might arouse your interest. There are some more polkas, a cosy waltz (Träumende Pärchen –  Dreaming couple) as well as arrangements by Antonin Dvorak, Julius Fucik and Johannes Brahms. Here are the novelties.

Wenn Sie an weiteren böhmischen Walzer aus dem Haus Ewoton interessiert sind, hier eine “Walzerliste Ewoton

Und wo ein Walzer ist, kann eine böhmische Polka nicht weit sein: “Polkaliste Ewoton

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