Austrian composer Balduin Sulzer 87-year-old deceased

Great sorrow for Balduin Sulzer

The Governor of Upper Austria, Thomas Stelzer, praised Sulzer as a “formative, inspiring personality in every respect of contemporary musical life in Upper Austria. He was one of those who left unmistakable and unmistakable traces in the musical history of our country”. His death was a great loss for the cultural province of Upper Austria.

After attending grammar school he studied philology in Linz and Rome and history at the University of Vienna.

Balduin Sulzer received his musical education at the Bruckner Conservatory in Linz, at the Pontifical Academy of Church Music in Rome and at the Vienna Academy of Music.

After several years as a music teacher at various grammar schools, as a répétiteur at the Bruckner Conservatory in Linz and as a cathedral conductor, Sulzer worked primarily as a teacher at the Musikgymnasium in Linz.

Sulzer’s catalogue of works comprises around 400 titles, including 2 operas, 5 symphonies, 1 passion, 12 instrumental concertos, piano and chamber music, songs and choral music. (catalogue of works)

Sulzer has received several awards for his compositional work, including the Upper Austrian Cultural Prize, the Cultural Medal of the City of Linz, the Heinrich Gleißner Prize, the Anton Bruckner Prize and the Austrian Prize of Appreciation.

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