Film music composer Martin Böttcher died at the age of 91.

More than 50 feature films and over 300 television productions bore the musical signature of Martin Böttcher.

Film composer Martin Böttcher died.
The German film composer Martin Böttcher ( Photo: Wittkowsky, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link )

The German radio station praised the composer with the words “He was one of the greats of German entertainment, television and film music. His compositional handwriting is unmistakable, his sound unmistakable.

The melodies of the “Winnetou” films will be remembered by many people. In addition to the “Winnetou” film music, the great-grandson of a Weimar court kapellmeister, born in Berlin in 1927, also wrote television music, for example for “Sonderdezernat K1”, “Forsthaus Falkenau” or “Pfarrer Braun”. Böttcher received numerous prizes and awards for his work as well as honorary membership in the US Max Steiner Society – along with Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra and others. (APA)

A Böttcher fan wrote this in his commentary on Martin Böttcher’s obituary: “Beautiful film music, no electronic hammers, simply music by real people, real instruments, beautiful”. You can’t really add anything to that….

List of works (arrangements for wind orchestra)

Editings for Combo

Expenses for Akk/Pno

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