Hal Leonard / De Haske

Hal Leonard presents the whole world of wind music

New catalogue with new releases 2018-2019 published by Hal Leonard Europe.

Hal Leonard / De Haske
Neuerscheinungen & Highlights 2018-2019

Hal Leonard is probably the biggest European publisher. Together with its headquarters in America, the European branch presents the catalogue New Publications and Highlights 2018-2019 with music for wind orchestra, brass bands, jazz ensemble and school orchestra. The publishers Hal Leonard (us), De Haske (nl), Anglo Music (uk), Beriato (be), Amstel Music (nl), Fentone Music (uk), IberMusica (es), Scherzando and Mitropa (ch), Gobelinmusic (nl) and Harper Music Publications (uk) are represented. Although Austria and Germany are not directly represented in the publishers, there is a lot of music from these countries with works by Thomas Doss, Otto M. Schwarz, Gerald Oswald, Stefan Schwalgin, just to name a few. Japan is also present with strong works by Sathoshi Yagisawa, Hideaki Mura and Eiji Suzuki.

Themaitsch beautifully structured you will find opening music, solo works, concert pieces, pop music, film music and many other themes. We have added additional valuable information and links, numerous complete recordings, videos and scores complete the information value in our database.

Discover new music from all over the world under the following links:
All works from the catalogue
Works for wind orchestra
Works for Fanfare Orchestra
Works for Brass Bands
Works for Jazz Ensemble
Works for variable instrumentations (winds or strings or mixed)
Works for variable wind instrumentation
Works for school orchestra

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