New Publications for Wind Orchestra

Spooky stories and beautiful travelogues

New and popular products from Tierolff.

New wind music from the publisher Tierolff

The Dutch publisher Tierolff has put together a varied programme for all wind orchestra levels in its new catalogue “The Light Stone“. From works for young bands to works for art academy orchestras, everything can be found. Beautiful travel reports, such as about Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, or a visit to a Sunday market. Then there are the scary stories, such as about the “Crown of the Dolomites” which is considered the most important legend of East Tyrol in Austria. Or even the story about the “Dance with the Devil“. Actually no dance at all, but a brawl:

It was near midnight when the ” Smith of Thann ” began to tell his story. It was so gruesome that all the listeners’ hair rose to the mountains and it ran cold over their backs. Suddenly – the clock in the tavern struck the twelfth hour with dull blows – the blacksmith, who had just finished his story, jumped from his seat and stared with wide open eyes at the slowly opening door through which the devil stepped into the inn. Grinning scornfully, as only the devil can, he approached the blacksmith, grabbed him and tried to kidnap him. But the blacksmith fought back, and a massive brawl began.

You can read for yourself how this story ends.

Of course there is also a lot of popular music, solo pieces, marches and transcriptions. We have linked all the works with links, information, videos and sound recordings.

Tierolff New Releases: Youth Orchestra (Level 1)
Tierollf New Publications: Light Works (Level 2)
Tierolff Neuerscheingunen: medium works ( Level 3 )
Tierolff Neuerscheingunen: medium-advanced works ( Level 4)
Tierolff New Releases: advanced Works (Level 5)
Tierolff New Releases: difficult works ( Level 6 )

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