What would Christmas be without music?

It would be like Christmas without presents, Christmas without lights, Christmas without a warm embrace. Music brings the right mood. One thing is interesting: it is often the simple melodies that convey these moods. No pompous compositions, no fanfares, timpani and trumpets are needed. It is often the combination of fitting words with harmonious melodies that evoke precisely these Christmas feelings. In this spirit, we wish you an atmospheric Christmas, success and health for the year 2022.

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Will a new prince be born….

Will a new prince be born….then it is attracting a lot of attention worldwide. We can never come up with such a sensation, because: when is a composer or artist born? This status has to be worked hard for. And so we have no choice but to report on anniversaries or farewells. In this newsletter, too, we commemorate some personalities who are worthy of consideration in a concert. We hope you enjoy your search for unusual works.

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