Heribert Raich

Heribert Raich: An Austrian legend died!

Well over 500 works have flowed from the pen of the legendary Austrian composer and publisher. His works can be found in the archives of many chapels, but they are mostly committed to the Austrian tradition. His marches, waltzes, polkas, up to funeral music are often and gladly played. On May 23, 2023, Heribert Raich died after a long illness at the age of 84.

Heribert Raich was born on October 3, 1939. From the age of 10 he received violin lessons at Admont Abbey. From 1955 he attended the music school in Bad Aussee, where he learned flugelhorn and trumpet. In 1958 he took the entrance examination with Prof. Rudolf Zemann at the air base in Hörsching and subsequently received a call-up to the military music of Styria, Graz. His talent as a composer was also discovered there and many of his early works were premiered by the Military Music of Styria.

In 1960 he took over the position of bandmaster of the music band in Bad Aussee. In 1964 he founded the “Adler Musikverlag”, which published not only his own compositions, but also many works by other Austrian and foreign composers.

For his musical work and his services to wind music, he was awarded the title of “Professor”. I myself have always known Heribert Raich as a cheerful, understanding and energetic person and this is how he will be remembered by many musicians.

Well over 3,500 works from his publishing house are included in our database. Here you can find this list.

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