Spring has arrived – with two playlists…..

….the cold winter months are over and the weather is slowly getting warmer. The days are getting longer and nature is powerfully awakening from its hibernation. Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings and many people are looking forward to enjoying nature and getting active outdoors again. There is also a lot going on musically: spring festivals, Mother’s Day is coming, processions are going through the country, etc. On the subject of “spring” we have put together two playlists for you on Internet radio, one with traditional music, one with transcriptions and new compositions. Follow “musicainfo” on www.musicainfo.radio. Until the end of March, access to this radio is still free for all users!

39 tracks, over 2 hours playing time

Spring/Spring/Printemps traditional (Playlist)

33 tracks, over 4 hours playing time

Spring/Spring/Printemps concertmusic (Playlist)

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