Of brave women and foreign cultures.

The legend tells of a brave young woman named Celinda who lived during the Roman occupation of Portugal. One day the Romans noticed that she had a big pot of food on the fire and they decided to steal it. However, when they tried to take the pot, Celinda grabbed a wooden spoon and hit the pot, making a loud noise. The Romans thought that a large army was at their door and fled in fear of an impending battle. Since then, Celinda has been revered as a heroine who defeated the Romans with a cooking pot. This story of Celinda in Sertã and other places in Portugal very popular and often told and passed on.

The centurion will not have been thrilled. Centurion was a rank in the ancient Roman army. The word “centurion” is derived from the Latin word “centuriae”, which means “group of a hundred”. A centurion was a professional soldier responsible for leading a group of about 100 men in battle. Centurions were usually promoted from the ranks of common soldiers and were respected for their leadership qualities and military experience. They were also known for their bravery and often took the front line in battles. In addition to their military duties, centurions were responsible for maintaining discipline and enforcing orders within their unit. They also played a role in training new soldiers and supervised the construction of fortifications.

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