Are you a Ha, a Fa or a Bra?

Brass music is diverse. Also in the instrumentation. If it is a brass instrumentation, abbreviated to “Bra” in our country, then it is still relatively simple: the instrumentation includes all brass instruments. With fanfare instrumentation, saxophones are added, but there are also extended types, for example, when flutes are still used. Fanfare instrumentations are marked with “Fa”. In the case of harmony instrumentation, the woodwind instruments are added, i.e. clarinets, double reed instruments, etc. Abbreviated in the database with “Ha”.

To ensure that you receive the correct cast when ordering, it is essential that you pay attention to these cast instructions. You can also preset the casting type in the search window, see picture:

So prevent wrong orders by paying attention to the corresponding abbreviations of the occupation type: I am a Ha, I bind a Fa, I am a Bra….

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