Jazz musician and film composer Lennie Niehaus died.

He was in the business for almost 60 years and contributed the soundtrack to two dozen films. At the end of May, jazz musician and composer Lennie Niehaus passed away at the age of 90. Lennie Niehaus’ musical career was very diverse and varied. After graduating from California State University-Los Angeles with a degree in composition, he joined the Stan Kenton Orchestra as an alto saxophonist.

During his military service in the 1950s, he met the music lover and later film actor and producer Clint Eastwood, for whom he composed the music for numerous films in the course of his career. Examples are the soundtracks of “Pale Rider” (1985), “Bird” (1988), “Merciless” (1992), “Bridges on the River” (1995), “Space Cowboys” (2000) and “Blood Work” (2002). Niehaus won an Emmy trophy for his work on the television film “Lush Life” (1994).

Lennie Niehaus was not only a first-class composer and musician, he also published numerous pedagogical writings and composed works for young students.

Works for Concert Bands

Works for chamber, string and symphony orchestra

Works for ensembles

Works for big bands and jazz ensembles

Works for soloists, pedagogical works.


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