Time for brass band music

Austria’s showpiece:
The Brass Band Upper Austria

Our sound archive currently has about 2000 CDs that have not yet been entered into the database. Step by step, these are being catalogued and digitally processed so that the recordings will then be available to our members. In the last few weeks, we have looked around the archive for recordings for brass bands and processed them.

More than 160 new radio tracks are thus available for selection. All performance levels are taken into account and perhaps you will also find a rarity or two?

By the way: As of today, almost 13,000 works for brass bands can be found in www.musicainfo.net. Many of these contain scores, reviews of works, sound recordings and video examples. In addition, the “Ensembles” library contains more than 500 titles for brass ensembles with nine or more musicians.

So it pays to be a member of www.musicainfo.net.

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