Music teacher and music producer Martin Färber died

In the late 1980s I had the honour of co-organising some concert tours in Austria. First with the “Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra” (TKWO), later, after the fall of communism in Germany, with the “Rundfunk Blasorchester Leipzig”. With the latter I got to know the music producer and tour leader Martin Färber. A musician through and through, a person with heart. When the Leipzig Radio Wind Orchestra disbanded in the turmoil of reunification, he lost his job as music producer. But his positive attitude to life did not let him give up, he created radio broadcasts and dedicated himself as an editor to promoting former composers of the GDR.

In the MCS edition he brought out some works by the composer Hans-Hendrik Wehding (1915 – 1975). He became acquainted with Wehding’s music as a music producer and began working on Wehding’s entire musical estate in 1980. Martin Färber was able to complete this work in 1989 with the publication of the book “Gesamtverzeichnis der Werke von Hans-Hendrick Wehding” (Complete catalogue of the works of Hans-Hendrick Wehding).

After his time with the Leipzig Radio Wind Orchestra, he took on a position as a music teacher for trumpet and devoted himself to his passion for Dixieland, the blues and swing as a member of the “Leipzig All-Stars Band”. On Christmas Eve 2020, Martin Färber passed away surrounded by his family after a long and serious illness.

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