Insieme (Together) – Foundation of the wind bands

The foundation for every concert band is youth work. Only those who are successful here can later fall back on well-trained adult musicians. Many publishers devote themselves to youth music editions.The publishing house Kliment from Vienna (Austria) has also issued some novelties for the young generation.

There are only a few public music schools in Italy. Many music bands fill in here, and so the “Civica Orchestra a Fiati G. Verdi – Città di Trieste” has started ensemble music lessons for wind instruments in its own school for the first time in the 2016-2017 school year. At the end of this year, Matteo Firmi, composer from the city of Trieste, composed a lively march entitled “Insieme”, which has since become the anthem for the orchestra’s youth band.

Stefan Ebner is musical director of the Stadtkapelle Güssing (Austria). Readers of the “Bezirksblätter Burgenland” have voted him the most popular music director of the district of Güssing. During his studies of concert trumpet at the Musikhochschule Oberschützen he also became familiar with all other brass instruments. Also piano and recorder are not foreign to him. Kliment has published several arrangements for wind orchestra by him. But here we want to present his work “Parade of the animals“. A pedagogical work, which should stimulate the imagination of the young musicians, especially through the theme “animals”. Although the characteristics of the individual animals are hinted at, the performers themselves have to make them sound effectively.

The title “Der Drache” (The Dragon) also suggests a “pedagogical value”. The three thematic parts “The dragon wakes up in his cave”, “… goes out and spits fire” and “The dragon rises and flies over meadows and forests” are easily recognisable in the music for the children – for example, the wing beats of the dragon are imitated with a five-tone motif in the five-tone range that leads upwards at an ever increasing speed. In addition, the children should imitate the dragon with rhythmic hissing sounds. A lovely, exciting and very simple composition for youth orchestras in the first years of learning.

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