When someone goes on a journey….

….then you can tell a story. Due to the corona, travel habits are currently somewhat limited. Nobody knows at the moment where you can travel to, except maybe in your own country. What could be more obvious than telling the audience an imaginary journey? Combined with culinary delicacies from different countries? That would be one idea to entertain the audience!

First we visit a farmers’ market in America: Here you can buy vegetables, meat, cheese and all kinds of other products of the farmers in a colourful and cheerful hustle and bustle. The distinctive market bell sounds and you can hear a farmer laughing loudly. Maybe because one of the little piglets has escaped – or because the farmer from the neighbouring stand has landed with his backside in the water trough while trying to catch it again?

Then there is “falafel“: fried balls of pureed beans or chickpeas, herbs and spices, which are especially popular as a snack. Falafel belongs to all cuisines of the Near East, South Asia and North Africa. Falafel is also considered a national dish in Israel and is prepared by all inhabitants of Israel, regardless of ethnicity, origin or religion. Or perhaps “Tzatziki” from Greece? Tzatziki is served as a typical cold starter with bread and is part of the mezedes (starter plate). It is often served with meat dishes such as gyros or souvláki and consists of yoghurt (with 10% fat), cucumber, olive oil and garlic.

Do you know for example “Flamiche“, a culinary speciality made of cheese and eggs from the region around the village of “Dinant” in France? Or do you serve a complete French gourmet menu with “Menu gastronomique“. The piece consists of nine sets divided into three courses – three starters, three main courses and three desserts. You can let the audience vote which combination of starter – main course and dessert to play.

For dessert, the music from the “Augsburger Tafel-Confect” of 1733 will be heard, a collection of songs from which music should be played for dessert, in contrast to the table music for the main course. Best served with it is “Peche Melba“, a dessert that Auguste Escoffier dedicated to the singer Nellie Melba, who was a guest at the Royal Opera House in London from 1892 to 1893. Escoffier created this dessert by placing poached peaches on vanilla ice cream, served in a swan carved from a block of ice. The swan referred to Wagner’s opera Lohengrin, in which Nellie Melba shone.

And because we are already in England, we make a side trip to Ireland and visit the place “Tullamore“. Here the famous Irish whiskey Tullamore D.E.W. has been distilled for over 200 years. This is worth a good sip!

Those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks can order “Gelato con Caffe” and have two flies on one bill: speciality from Italy, composed by a Japanese.

At the end there is a good wine, perhaps from the Kaiserstuhl, Germany, or from Italy.To this one sings a cheerful drinking song from La Traviata and calls a strong “Cheers “.

Everything that has to do with eating and drinking can be found under the tag of the same name “Eating and drinking“. If you know of other works on this topic, please let us know by sending an e-mail to heli@musicainfo.net. Have a good trip!

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