Good tags are the basis for an effective search in your database Keywords help you to find precisely those works that match your program theme. Since the database is becoming more and more extensive, “tags” help you to search for specific topics. In you already have a delimitation by “subcategories”. So e.g. film music, or music from operas, or overtures etc.. Sometimes, however, you also search for specific keywords. Because you are planning an extraordinary concert. And some conductors actually have a very special hand or fantasy for programme design. This can be seen from the orders placed with our delivery partners.

We at the ” Association for Music Information ” are now planning to add an extensive list of “tags” to the database. For this we need your help:
1. what “keywords” have you been searching for recently in
2. did you find what you were looking for?
3. which “tags” do you suggest we add to the list?

A short email to heli@musicainfo,net with your suggestions is enough and we will consider your “good tags” in the list.

We are greeting you from Austria,
Your team from
Helmut Schwaiger