Marco Polo: a legacy of discovery and cultural exchange

In 2024, we will commemorate the 700th anniversary. The anniversary of the death of one of the greatest explorers and mediators in history: Marco Polo. Seven centuries later, his travels and his work, “Il Milione”, remain a living testimony to human curiosity, the thirst for knowledge and intercultural exchange.

Marco Polo was born in medieval Venice, a flourishing trading metropolis, in 1254. At a young age, he accompanied his father and uncle on an epic journey to the East that would change the world forever.

Over impassable paths, through fascinating landscapes and foreign cultures, their route finally led them to China, where they were received at the court of the mighty Kublai Khan. Marco Polo’s accounts of the wonders and treasures of the Far East captured the imagination of the European world and ignited a fire of adventure and discovery.

“Il Milione”, Marco’s book of wonders, was a fascinating compendium of stories about exotic lands, fabulous cities and unfathomable mysteries. However, it was not only the geographical descriptions, but also his stories about the cultures, traditions and music of faraway countries that stimulated readers’ imaginations.

In honor of its 700th anniversary. On the 50th anniversary of his death, we are celebrating not only Marco Polo’s courageous travels, but also his legacy as a bridge-builder between cultures. His legacy reminds us that the world is rich in diversity and creativity, and that curiosity and openness to the unknown can lead us down fascinating paths.

The sounds of the Silk Road and the melodies of distant lands can be heard in the works of composers, artists and writers who were inspired by Marco Polo’s experiences. His influence on music history is undeniable, and his travels remain a source of inspiration for generations of adventurers, explorers and dreamers.

In the compositions, the legacy of Marco Polo, this fascinating chapter in the history of mankind, will continue to inspire our imagination. These works will remind us that the world is full of wonders and surprises, ready to be explored by those who have the courage to embark on the musical journey.

Here is a list of works about Marco Polo

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