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Obrasso: from Switzerland to the world

Obrasso Music Publishing is a well-known music publishing company based in Switzerland. He specializes in publishing and distributing sheet music, arrangements and compositions for various brass ensembles, including brass bands, wind orchestras and brass quintets. Obrasso Musikverlag was founded in 1983 by the brothers Werner and Manfred Obrecht and has since developed into a leading publisher in the field of brass band music. The company offers a wide range of sheet music from classical to contemporary pieces, as well as arrangements of popular music, compositions and traditional melodies. The publisher works with renowned composers, arrangers, and musicians to provide high-quality publications for brass players of all levels.

Obrasso Music Publishing has made a significant contribution to wind music by providing a platform for composers and arrangers to present their works and by making a wide range of music accessible to wind musicians around the world. The publisher’s publications are used in competitions, concerts, and education, and support the growth and development of brass music around the globe.

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