The Regents of the Year 2022

Many smaller and bigger names are celebrating an anniversary in 2022. In any case, there are so many that one could fill several concert programmes. Perhaps one or the other name can be found on their programme? A little rummaging and research is always worthwhile.

450th birthday: Moritz of Hesse, whose “Pavane” has survived above all, was born in 1572, as were Alfonso Ferrabsoco and Erasmus Widmann.

350th birthday: this would be celebrated by the composers Francesco Antonio Bonpori and Fransecso Mancini. The year of birth of Charles Piroye is not known exactly, it is somewhere between 1668 and 1672.

300th birthday: Johann Ernst Bach and Georg Anton Bender celebrate their 300th birthdays.

250th birthday: Joseph Triebensee is the most famous name here, along with Wilhelm Nolte and Josep Vinyalis.

200th birthday: 200 years ago, a number of famous names were born, such as Cesar Fanck with his extensive coevre. James Lord Piermont, whose best-known work is probably “Jingle Bells”. Franz Josef Strauss is not the Bavarian politician, but the father of Richard Strauss, who himself was also a well-known horn player and composer.

150th birthday: For friends of wind music, the name Julius Fucik stands out here, but Ralph Vaughan Williams is also celebrating, as is Alexander Scriabin – just to name a few.

100th birthday: about 90 composers celebrate the 100th birthday, including Elmar Bernstein, Neal Hefti, Hans-Egon Häusser, Serge Lancen, Hazy Osterwald, Ray Steadman-Allen and many others.

50th birthday: here you can choose from about 50 composers. Steven Bryant and Luis Serrano Alarcon are among them

Commemorations of the deaths of well-known composers also fall in 2022:

died 50 years ago: Gerard Boedijn, John Barnes Chance and Johan F. Pala should be mentioned here.

100 years ago died: Vittorio Monti and his famous “Csardas”, Carl Teike, the March King and last but not least we remember Carl Michael Ziehrer!

150 years ago died: the composer of “Joy to the World” and “Nearer my God to Thee” Lowell Mason, and others.

200 years ago died: E.T.A. Hoffmann, the German writer of the Romantic period. He also worked as a lawyer, composer, bandmaster, music critic, draughtsman and caricaturist, and he was the source for Offenbach’s “Hoffmann’s Tales

300 years ago: Johann Jacob Bach and Johann Kuhnau died.

died 400 years ago: Giovanni Gastoldi left some works arranged for wind orchestra by modern authors, as well as Giovanni Battista Grillo and Jakob Hassler.

The links given in this report will take you to the list of composers, open a data sheet and you will find all kinds of further links as well as the composer’s life data. The links included in the sheet music field will take you to all the author’s works in your field of knowledge. The link “CD/DVD” leads to all sound carriers containing a work by the composer.

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