House Music Day – Musicians’ Day

Cecilia is known as an emergency helper and since the late Middle Ages also as the patron saint of church music. However, Cecilia only owes this patronage to a translation error in which it says “cantantibus organis”, which actually means “when the musical instruments sounded” (meaning the feast for her wedding celebration with Valerianus). Somehow, however, “organis” must have been misunderstood and made into an organ.

Since the late Middle Ages, the saint “Cecilia of Rome” has been regarded as the patron saint of organists, organ builders, instrument makers, singers, musicians and poets. Anyone who knows the whole life story of the saint will not be surprised that she is depicted with roses or a sword or with an organ (which did not exist in Cecilia’s time…).

Numerous composers have dedicated works to the patron saint. She is commemorated on 23 November. So if you want to honour Saint Cecilia, here we have compiled a list for you.

(Source: Diäzese Linz)

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