21 September: International Day of Peace

Just in these days around the events in Afghanistan, the “International Day of World Peace” proclaimed by the UN is a day of reflection. It is probably an illusion to transform all wars and military actions into peaceful agreements. There are always people, governments and groups who want to ignite hatred and implement their own interests. Nevertheless, it should be a day that commemorates the victims and also those people who work tirelessly internationally for peace.

Many composers have dealt with peace. From Tchaikovsky to Shostakovich, from Sibelius to Gustav Holst, to contemporary composers such as Philip Sparke, Thomas Doss, Thomas Asanger, James Hosay and many others, the spectrum ranges. For an extensive list of works about peace, see “Tags – Music by Theme” under “peace and freedom“.

If you are looking for issues on Afghanistan, the can be found here. But are you wondering why there is a piece called “La Paloma”? It was actually a hit in Afghanistan long before the Taliban took over. So, of course, you don’t have to include that in an Afghanistan memorial concert.

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