South Tyrol: Torn between the political powers

Exactly 100 years ago, on 10 October 1920, South Tyrol was annexed by the Kingdom of Italy. From then on, South Tyrol, which was mainly German-speaking, formed Italy’s northernmost border region and was merged with Trentino, the former Welschtirol, to form a mainly Italian-speaking administrative unit.

The new order, which was regulated by the peace treaty of Saint Germain and sealed on 10 September 1919, became a sad reality on 10 October 1920: for South Tyrol it meant the separation from Austria. This far-reaching change in the history of South Tyrol was preceded by the First World War with its devastating effects.

100 years later, Tyroleans in the north, east and south of the country commemorate the division of Tyrol. “If we briefly ignore the extremely painful history of the past century and look at the present situation, we can see that we have managed – against all odds – to preserve our identity and a good coexistence”, explains Governor Arno Kompatscher. (Source:

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