When the body rocks.

Body-Percussion is a body-centered game that is fun and trains and activates many different muscles. In this case, social interaction is also encouraged, as the present composition requires four players to rock together. The special thing about it is that the rhythms are taken from four internationally known rock numbers, which are well known to both young and old musicians.

Andreas Horwath has created four rhythmic compositions here, all based on the beat of these rock numbers:

  • Hell – Highway to hell
  • Life – Life is live
  • Hills – Over the hills
  • Smoke – Smoke on the water

There are four votes: – Clapping, usually also the “melody” or the leading voice – Knock 1, together with – Knock 2 the accompanying voices and – Stomp, the bass voice. Individual voices have, in order to make them varied, different sounds to play. In many parts the melody is also swapped, so that all voices have melody parts.

Fun should always be the first priority during rehearsals. In this way the performers can discover for themselves how they can perform some parts or even whole voices: e.g. whether the rammers sit or stand, whether they stamp with only one foot or with both, whether they just lift the foot or even jump. I am sure there are just as many possibilities to create the other voices.

So “Body Percussion Rock” is a booklet that will be fun for all actors and will also lead to creative show elements. Published by Ces-Dur-Verlag, 4 scores, € 43,-

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