A quick tongue…

We are constantly updating, supplementing and adding new works. Sometimes you come across works where you think “Man, that’s been around for a long time, I haven’t met it at any concert”. I would like to present such works to you from time to time. Because in the abundance of works in our database many a diamond is lost. Perhaps you too will find such a work from time to time off the “mainstream”, then please report it to us…

Today we present a work “with a quick tongue”: Misirlou. The work is based on a song originally written as Rembetiko to accompany the Tsifteteli Dance, which soon enjoyed great popularity beyond Greece and in the Middle East, and in 1994 gained renewed popularity through the film “Pulp Fiction”. The title Misirlou means “Egyptian girl”, from Ottoman-Turkish misirlu. This word in turn can be traced back to the Arabic name of Egypt, Misr. Bertrand Moren’s arrangement can be performed by various solo wind instruments, it requires – as mentioned in the title – a quick tongue and you present your soloist and Arabic flair in concert.

Tags: ancient cultures, Orient and Orientals, dances and songs

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