Prof. Rudolf Bodingbauer died

Prof. Rudolf Bodingbauer, Picture: Styrian brass band association

The long-time Styrian State conductor, composer and arranger Prof. Rudolf Bodingbauer, died in Graz (Austria) at the beginning of December. The Styrian Brass Band Association honoured him with the words: “He was a tireless pioneer of symphonic brass music in our province and with his enormous knowledge and ability he supported the development of Styrian wind music for many decades. The wind music family is losing a great personality and we all bow to his great achievements”.

Rudolf Bodingbauer was a trained clarinettist who joined the Salzburg Military Music Department in 1957 and at the same time studied at the Mozarteum. In 1963 he passed his school-leaving examination and was then with the aforementioned orchestra until 1968. In that year he joined the Military Music Graz via Vienna, where he was appointed Colonel in 1993.

Bodinbauer’s compositions and arrangements have been published by Adler, Bad Aussee, or by his own publishing house.

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