The Wind of Change – when the iron curtain fell

Wind of Change” is the title of a rock ballad by the Scorpions that was composed and written by Scorpions singer Klaus Meine in September 1989. It was regarded in the media as the so-called “Hymne der Wende” and is the most successful single of German production. The English text celebrates the political change that took place in Europe towards the end of the 1980s. According to SWR, the song “reflects like no other rock song the mood at the end of the 1980s, when the great political change began with glasnost and perestroika from the Soviet Union”.

In the text, the narrator describes how, on a summer night, he walks along the Moskva and listens to the “wind of change” blowing over old enmities. The text advocates East-West communication and thus hit the nerve of time. It accompanied the fall of the Berlin Wall and became the anthem of renewal in the Soviet Union. USSR state and party leader Mikhail Gorbachev welcomed the Scorpions to the Kremlin on 14 December 1991 on the basis of this song.

30 Years of the Fall of the Berlin Wall


On November 9, 2019, the pictures of the fall of the Berlin Wall will celebrate their 30th anniversary. A number of events will deal with these themes such as reunification, the construction of the Berlin Wall, the division of the world during the Cold War and the overcoming of the Wall by the Peaceful Revolution of 1989.

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