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In Austria so far 100,000 children and young people have taken part in the competitions!

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Prima la Musica’s Austrian youth music competitions are aimed at all children and young people who want to achieve something special in music and who enjoy making music and competing in music. The competitions are intended to encourage participation and to find and promote musical talents. Since 1995, almost 100,000 children and young people have taken part in the MUSIK DER JUGEND competitions. Many former prizewinners are today successful beyond the borders of Austria on international stages, as teachers and as essential support in renowned orchestras and music formations.

Making music in small groups is often a welcome change for musicians and listeners. This refers to many different levels: For example, the rehearsal and performance atmosphere during ensemble playing is usually quite different from that in a (wind) orchestra, which most musicians find positive. The choice of literature also differs from that of the large ensemble: as an ensemble leader, it is much easier to meet the musical tastes of all ensemble members than is the case with a band. And also the influence of the musicians on the literature played is logically much greater than is possible with a large orchestra. (from: Thomas Leiter, Making music in ensembles)

For adults too, playing in ensembles offers contact to other musicians with whom the musical tasks and challenges can be mastered together. It is often not a question of technical and interpretational perfection, but of the joy of music and of doing things together. The focus here is on sociability and entertainment.

In your database you will find countless arrangements and original compositions for various ensemble formations. And of course in all performance levels – not only for children and teenagers – also for experts and professional ensembles. The new releases and novelties that we have included in our database since January 2019 can be found in this list.

Ensemble literature easy to medium
Ensemble literature medium to difficult
Ensemble literature difficult to very difficult

Have fun making music in small groups.

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